Kohler SDMO

Agromaquinaria works with one of the sector’s leading brands. We offer the entire range of Kohler SDMO’s products to our customers, helping them find the best option, according to their application requirements.


Agromaquinaria is an official distributor of Kohler SDMO and offers a wide range of its catalogue of products. Portability, quality and performance

The portable range of Kohler SDMO generators offers all sorts of solutions that cater to the needs of different environments. From generators for any type of machine, to welding equipment and motor pumps for fish farms, ships, and much more.

The range of power ratings goes from 1 kVA to 20 kVA for domestic and industrial activities. A highlight of these units is that they can be started automatically when they are not connected to the mains.


Agromaquinaria offers a wide range of Kohler SDMO generators of the Power Product series to cater to the needs of any industrial activity that requires a constant and reliable power supply, ranging from 20 kVA to 4,300 kVA, covering any grid outage or shortage.

Our team of experts will give you advice and help you choose the best setup for your equipment, according to your professional needs, ranging from constant power supply to emergency power supply solutions.

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