Original Spare Parts

We understand that using original spare parts is essential to guarantee a long service life of the engine, as established by the manufacturer.

This is why Agromaquinaria offers the original spare parts and parts of our brands, guaranteeing the reliability and quality of our products.


Kohler y Lombardini

Agromaquinaria is an official distributor of Kohler and Lombardini. We only work with original spare parts for the products of both brands, guaranteeing their proper functioning and durability.

We have a huge stock of parts for Kohler and Lombardini engines and for Kohler SDMO generators.

We offer a huge range of spare parts for maintenance and repairs to guarantee proper functioning throughout the service life of our engines and generators.

Original Spare Parts


Agromaquinaria has been selling Pasquali’s products for over 40 years and has a huge experience with its spare parts. We offer a wide range of original Pasquali spare parts, since we have continued to distribute them even 20 years after the company closed down, ensuring that all of our customers can continue to use and service their tractors.

We offer and distribute a wide range of specialised products and spare parts for old Pasquali tractors, streamlining the delivery of spare parts and guaranteeing their efficacy and durability.

Our technical support team will help you choose the best solution and guide you throughout the purchasing process. Some examples of applications for these types of engines are cars without a license, motor pumps, construction equipment, tractors and cultivators, among others.

Technical Advice

We offer personalised and tailored advice to answer your doubts and help you find the part that best suits the characteristics of your engine.

Huge Stock

We are one of Kohler’s Premium Partners and in our catalogue you will find a huge stock of original spare parts of Kohler and Lombardini engines and Kohler SDMO generators.

Speedy Service

We know about the importance of finding a quick solution to your problems. This is why Agromaquinaria offers a speedy service in its search for excellence.

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Agromaquinaria continues to distribute original Pasquali spare parts to make sure that your tractor can continue to operate at full performance. In addition, we will provide you with the advice you need to adapt our original spare parts to your machines as required.

We can help you find the spare part that caters to all of your needs if you wish to maximise your engine’s performance. We are experts on analysing the needs of any type of machine and know how to fine tune your engine to optimise its performance.

Please contact us by completing the form below and send us your questions.

We can identify your needs and handle them according to the type of machine you are using and help you maximise your farming activity’s performance.

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